WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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600 puffs – Grand Tour of Tastes


600 puffs – For a taste of wonder


2500 puffs – To extend the adventure


5000 puffs – Enjoy the magic of vaping


5500 puffs – An epic journey of flavour


12000 puffs – Recharge and enjoy the ride


Nicotine Pouches – For a flavourful kick

Exceptional Design

Our journey started with in-depth market research into the preferences, needs, and expectations of our target audience across the globe. With the acquired knowledge, we created a unique design to bring our vision to life.

The result? JuicyJane – a vaping device that blends sleek lines, bold contours, and standout colors, turning vaping into a personal expression of style. But we didn’t just focus on the device. We’ve made sure every element, right down to the packaging, reflects the same attention to detail and design excellence. Unboxing JuicyJane feels like unwrapping a gift – a treat, curated just for you

Premium Quality

Mesh Coil

A type of heating element used in disposable vape products. It is made of a fine metal mesh that has a large surface area. This allows the coil to heat up more quickly and evenly, which results in better flavours and vapor production


The battery is the heart of any disposable vape product. It provides the power to heat the coil and vaporize the e-liquid. JuicyJane uses the most advanced battery technology currently available on the market, which lasts longer and provides more consistent performance than other disposable vape products.


The e-liquid is the flavored liquid that is vaporized by the coil. It is important to choose a high-quality e-liquid that is made with safe ingredients. JuicyJane hires the world’s best taste experts to choose the aromas, and tests multiple suppliers before choosing the right one. This ensures that our e-liquids  are consistently delicious and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Airflow system

The airflow system controls the amount of air that is drawn into the coil. A good airflow system will provide a smooth and flavorful vape. JuicyJane has tested the top suppliers in our lab to find the best airflow system. This ensures that our vapes provide a consistent vaping experience, regardless of the draw.


The construction of a disposable vape product is important for its durability and safety. JuicyJane vape products are made with high-quality materials and assembled with precision. This ensures that our vapes are sturdy and will not leak.